Joe Paps, music arranger, sound designer & video producer

Joe Paps developed as a multi-skilled artist, working in various media, using intuitive and creative images and sound.

It all started in 1999, surrounded by his numerous vinyls. Joe Paps feels the urge to make music. A transition in his image patient and disciplined. His training period as he calls it. Taking the rungs one step at a time, starting with Swiss mixtapes until he dug up his first French project. Joe Paps, realizes that with a little effort, nothing is impossible. But in 2004, Joe Paps takes his ambition a step further, his mind is set, he will export his music across the USA. A journey into the unknown, filled with good and bad times, but his relentless determination is stronger than all that. His efforts finally pay off. In 2007, Making Moves vol.1 comes out, and it sells on all platforms. 2011 proved to be another productive year for Joe Paps, indeed it was the year of his first steps in video business. After years of hard work, he has now been commissioned by corporations, associations, and private individuals, for his ability to transcribe their ideas into audio, visual work.

Paps recent work with

Companies:;;;;;;;;;; Etablissement secondaire de Renens; DeeKay School Dance; Rapilium;;

Music US:
Sean Price; Grand Puba (Brand Nubian); Afu-Ra; C-Rayz Walz; Poisen Pen; Dyverse The 1st; Flo Simpson; Nutso; Nems; Illa Ghee; Datin; GC & Iam of Soul Mafia; Krussia; Naturally Amazing; Words & Rymes; PF-Cuttin, Sha Stimuli; Creature; T-Weaponz; Billy Gramm; Rick D; Complex; Nonezeo; Cali RP

Music Japan:
Dusty Husky & Esp (DLIP Records)

Music Europe:
Busta Flex; Oxmo Puccino; Dee Metto; Mino, Phonkneg'Z; Dj Rebel; Le Bijoutier; Chief; SWC; I.V.A.N; VR Dope Shit Records

Recording Studio & Engineer: (Greg Dubuis); (Michel Gallone);; Frankford & Wayne;; Hernan Santiago;

Joe Paps